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Aerial photo of the assembly plant of Havir Americas

Aerial photo of the assembly plant of Havir Americas

Since 1949 our company aims to integrate with our clients in finding special products, dedicated to research, evaluation and implementation of their projects, so that a strong and permanent.

Considered as a core technological and industrial development in the production of silicone paper and films, transfers and heat transfers, self-adhesive media for digital printing pioneer in Brazil and gummed paper for tattoos and stickers.

Our plant of 6500m2, is in Atibaia – Sao Paulo – Brazil, with the expansion plan for 2011 to 11000m2.

The sales office located in Sao Paulo – SP
Av Engenheiro Caetano Alvares, 6410 – Mandaqui – CEP 02413-200.

More sublimation papers from Havir Americas

Treated papers for digital process based on providing quality of water transfer printing and saving ink without losing the fidelity of the colors in the image transferred.

Sublimation papers from Havir Americas

Sublimation papers from Havir Americas

Sublimation paper is used in the dye-sublimation printing process for applying images to specially coated ceramics, metals or polyester. When heated, the ink converts from a solid into a gas, skipping the liquid phase.

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More Havir papers


1Wide range of roles and movies with non-stick mold release characteristics for various industries with protectiveadhesive during handling, storage, marketing and end use.

Transfer papers

2Transfer is an indirect process of stamping. It consists in printing “inverted / unreadable” images or text on a support pretreated by resin mold release. Theprint media are offset, gravure, flexo and screen printing.

Gummed papers

3Treated paper, high water absorption with rapid solvency of the layer, allowing the release of the printed image support fully. Materials suitable for industry (Decorative tattoo, wood, glass, ceramics, cold line, down enamel, plastic, etc.).


4Papers, films and aluminum treated with specific characteristics for each industrial sector and a variety of siliconeliners. Know the products that we consider patterns, and other compositions may be made upon request.